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TMS offered in Houston, TX

If you’re not finding relief from persistent depression symptoms through therapy and medications, it may be time to consider transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). MedCare Clinics offers this cutting-edge therapy to ease symptoms of hopelessness, sadness, and guilt. The medical team, led by a triple board-certified psychiatrist, successfully uses TMS therapy to improve your sense of well-being and prevent recurrent depressive episodes, so you can enjoy a happier, high-quality life. Call the Houston, Texas, office to find out if TMS is right for you or book an appointment online today. 


What is TMS?

TMS is a noninvasive therapy to improve symptoms of depression or other mood disorders.

TMS therapy uses magnetic energy to stimulate nerve cells in your brain that regulate your moods and emotions. The magnetic energy helps activate regions of your brain that are harmed by depression.

MedCare Clinics specialize in TMS therapy for adults who want noninvasive treatment options for depression and other mental health conditions.

When should I consider TMS?

You might be a candidate for TMS therapy if you have depression or other mood disorders that aren’t treatable with medications and psychological therapies. Medications may not work well for those whose treatment-resistant depression doesn’t respond to traditional antidepressant medications.

The MedCare Clinics team provides comprehensive physical exams and mental health evaluations to determine if you’re a candidate for TMS therapy. The treatment is safe, and many people tolerate it without any side effects. 

You can’t undergo TMS therapy if you’re pregnant, have medical implants like a pacemaker, or have brain damage or other medical conditions.

However, you might experience lightheadedness, headaches, or discomfort in the treatment area. Some people also feel tingling or twitching sensations in their face in the hours after TMS therapy.

If you decide to move forward with TMS therapy, the team customizes a care plan to your needs. They may recommend a series of treatments to maximize your symptom relief if your initial treatment works well.

What can I expect during TMS therapy?

During your first TMS treatment, your MedCare Clinics provider places an electric coil on your head. When they switch the technology on, you may hear a series of clicking sounds and feel tapping sensations on your scalp.

The team controls the amount of magnetic energy the coil delivers into your scalp. They increase the energy levels until your hands and fingers twitch. The team can also adjust energy levels throughout your session based on your needs.

You can expect to sit comfortably in a chair and relax during the procedure. Typically, each therapy session lasts about 240 minutes. After treatment is complete, the team removes the coil from your head. You can expect to go back to your usual activities without downtime.

Some people may feel an immediate result in their symptoms, while others don’t notice an improvement until days or weeks later.

Call the MedCare Clinics office to learn more about the benefits of TMS therapy or book a consultation online.